Living Quarters Procurement

The Living Quarters Procurement function on the West White Rose Project will be undertaken from the Marystown Kiewit Offshore Services office.

The Procurement objective is to purchase goods or services from technically and commercially acceptable eligible sources that afford the greatest benefit to the Project, taking into consideration cost, risk factors, quality, safety, environmental matters, reliability, delivery, service, total cost of ownership, local content and standardization.

The procurement strategy is to purchase the necessary materials, equipment and selected services for the Project through a competitive bidding process.

The SRM strongly supports providing opportunities to Canadian and, in particular Newfoundland and Labrador companies and individuals, on an overall competitive basis.  The SRM also encourages the participation of members of designated groups (women; Aboriginal peoples; persons with disabilities; and members of visible minorities) and corporations or cooperatives owned by them, in the supply of goods and services.

The Kiewit Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is the Bid package system that Kiewit Offshore will use to manage all aspects of the bidding process through to award.  SRM will also be used as a Supplier and Subcontractor registration and repository. All interested parties are welcome to register using the following link: 

Potential Bid Packages to be issued:

Ref No EOI/Description/Download EOI / Pre-Qual Issue EOI / Pre-Qual Close Pre-Qual Download ITB Issue ITB Close Award Date Sussessful Bidder / Bidder List
KOS -01 Non Destructive Testing 23-OCT-17 30-OCT-17 NDT_Pre 04-JAN-18 24-JAN-18 Q1 2018 ACUREN
KOS -02 Tertiary Steel Supply 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17  29-MAR-18  19-APR-18 Q2 2018
KOS -03 Tertiary Steel Fabrication 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 Tertiary Pre 17-JAN-18 07-FEB-18 Q1 2018 C&W OFFSHORE
KOS -08 Piping Bulk Materials 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 27-APR-18 18-MAY-18 Q2 2018 Canada Fitting & Flanges
KOS -09 Welding Consumables 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 Q1 2018  CANCELLED
KOS -10 Equipment Rentals 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 Q1 2018  CANCELLED
KOS -11 Electrical Bulk Materials 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 01-MAY-18 22-MAY-18 Q2 2018 Source Energy Atlantic
KOS -12 Small Tools and Consumables 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 Q1 2018  CANCELLED
KOS -13 Coatings 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 29-MAR-18 19-APR-18 Q2 2018 Stoncor Group
KOS -14 Passive Fire Protection 03-NOV17 17-NOV-17 19-JAN-18 09-FEB-18 Q1 2018 International Paint
KOS -15 Module Transportation and Loadout 17-NOV-17 08-DEC-17 Trsp Pre 16-MAR-18 6-APR-18 Q2 2018 Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
KOS -16 Module Weighing 17-NOV-17 08-DEC-17  Weighing Pre 16-MAR-18 6-APR-18 Q2 2018 Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.
KOS -17 HVAC Duct Fabrication 03-NOV-17 17-NOV-17 HVAC Pre 05-JAN-18 25-JAN-18 Q1 2018  Alscott Air Systems Ltd.
KOS-19 Safety Training & Pre-Access Safety Testing Services 27-OCT-17 03-NOV-17 Safety Pre 10-NOV-17 20-Nov-17 Q4 2017  PUGLISEVICH/FIT FOR WORK
KOS-20  Module Heavy Lift 04-DEC-17 21-DEC-17 Heavy Lift Pre 16-MAR-18  6-APR-18 Q1 2018 Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.