Health & Safety

Health and safety are priorities for the Living Quarter in constructing the Project in Marystown. A strong safety culture is paramount to Kiewit Offshore Services, our project teams, our partners and our clients.  Our safety charter is to perform work in the safest manner possible with the target that Nobody Gets Hurt.

  • Commitment and personal accountability to improve HSE&S performance.    Commitment is demonstrated by providing the required resources and through active and visible participation in efforts to implement and improve the system.
  • Expectations and requirements are transferred into procedures and practices that are effectively communicated to and used by all appropriate people in the organization.
  • Conduct all work in a safe and responsible manner ensuring no harm to people.
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship and an emphasis on no asset damagethroughout the execution of the project.
  • Steward contractor/subcontractor management to ensure risk is minimized throughcompliance with applicable company, regulatory and contractual specifications.
  • Ensure that proactive formal and informal risk assessments form the basis for safety related decisions during project planning and execution.
  • Regularly measure performance against established goals and objectives as well as key performance indicators; and communicate performance to all members of the project.